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Published On: February 20, 2014
 By: Jennifer Collins, Florida




swimming strokes

Swimming strokes? learning to swim? learn good technique? what are the benefits? How do you find the answers? Simple, find all those answers and more. In my website you will find that it does not just require skill it also requires knowledge of the sport which I will share with you. If you are learning, improving or just need advice you can look it up. Subjects include practices with floats, without floats, learning games, water confidence building, making your strokes technically correct and much more. The information and advice available is step by step and illustrated.

Hello my name is Dale, I have been teaching people to swim for about 12 years in groups as well as private. I’m here to tell you that yes you can learn to swim or teach your child if you really want to it only takes four factors.

First the time. Go to your local pool and do the practices I show,allow about an hour.

Have some patience with your child or yourself and take time out to have some fun as well.

Have some faith in yourself many times when I teach especially adults criticize themselves saying what they have achieved is not good and they should give up with the first serious hurdle.

Lastly follow my practices read what is said, remember or print and laminate it and take to the pool with you and Follow it.

Learning is journey not a destination you will never stop learning and achieving new water skills. Never be in too much of a hurry to learn, take your time to practice a skill until you perfect it.

It is all about being streamlined through the water using as little energy as possible to get where you are going. Whichever stroke you are doing there are ways of doing it. Always remember that practice makes permanent. In other words When you practice something make sure you do it correctly because if your stroke is incorrect you will always do it the same way and find it hard to change back.

There are ways in which you should position your body, kick your legs and move your arms as well as knowing at the right time to breathe. These factors can make all the difference between traveling with good technique or not. The amount of people I see swimming up and down day after day with incorrect technique.

For example breastroke, I often see people with the legs pointing the wrong way. Just a simple adjustment needed may only take a few weeks to correct, if not a life time of wrong technique. So what I hear you say! well that person may not as well use their legs at all. In fact what is happening is the arms are compensating for what the legs are not doing resulting in more stress on the arms. This May cause muscle pain in the upper arm. Unfortunately these people will do this all their lives. Until someone like me will tell them because I can’t help myself!

Don`t worry if it doesn’t come natural straight away some people will take months until they start to become confident. When it comes to teaching your child people say `I can`t, they will not listen to me`. I say to them it takes time and most of all patients and knowledge.

The amount of parents I see trying to teach their children to swim and the way in which they do made me finally decided to create this web site. Most parents try to hold up their child and get them to swim with their arms and legs, then the parents lets them go. He/she then cries and parents starts losing their incentive to carry on. The child then gets a mistrust of the parent as well as loosing their confidence. This website is giving parents have a chance, what do you have to lose?. Lessons can be very expensive and private even more if you can get private, I have waiting lists.

When it comes to teaching your child you do not always need to do all practices. There are other ways to teach. learning games confidence building exercises that can be as good or better. you can bring favorite toys i.e. balls dolls and rubber animals. There are also ways of encouraging your child to put their head in the water and blowing bubbles.

When it comes to floatation aids I would not recommend arm bands when learning to swim. They can be more of a hindrance than a help. They give too much support to the upper arm than the middle making it almost imposable to move their arms. Something around the middle would be best to allow the arms to move more freely.

Babies and small toddlers can also benefit from early tuition there are practices that you can follow to ensure that when your child gets a little older he/she will not be afraid of the water. This will make easer to teach your child later on.

So to conclude it is possible to learn to swim online if you have the time and patience. As long as you read through the practices and carry them out look at my illustrated photographs explaining in detail so you can get it right. I give lots tips and if you are really stuck I am happy to answer any questions you have. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

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