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  How much FIBALON will I need for my filter?

FIBALON is supplied in bags of 350 grams. Each bag is equivalent to a 25kg bag of filter sand. So, a filter which takes 75kg of sand will require approximately 1kg, or 3 bags of FIBALON.

  My filter is currently filled with sand, can I use FIBALON?

FIBALON can be used in any filter. If you filter is currently filled with sand or glass media, simply remove that media prior to adding the FIBALON. It is not essential to remove every last grain of sand, as the FIBALON will filter it out of circulation. This sand will then be evacuated when the filter is backwashed.

  Does FIBALON float?

FIBALON does not float due to the density of polyester being greater than that of water.

  Can FIBALON be backwashed?

A backwash and rinse procedure should be carried out, in the same manner as you would with sand or glass media.
FIBALON however will lower your backwashing requirement, saving energy and water.

  Will my automatic backwash system be affected?

FIBALON offers very little resistance during filtration, just 20Mbar in fact. Because of this, your automatic backwashing system may not trigger.
We therefore recommend that it is set to timed backwashing, or manual backwashing.

  How long does FIBALON last?

Used in a similar manner to sand, FIBALON has a life similar to sand of 2-3 years. However, as FIBALON is a much more effective filter media, and pulls more particles from the water, we recommend for hygiene reasons that FIBALON be changed annually.

  What size particles does FIBALON filter from the water?

Fibalon has a selectivity of approximately 10 microns. Laboratory tests carried in Germany showed that 50% of filtered particles were less than 13.46 mircons, and 10% of filtered particles were less than 3.48 microns. (One micron = 0.001 mm). Sand for reference will filter down to approximately 40 microns, depending on the grade.

  Do I still need to use flocculants in my pool?

Since the filtration ability of FIBALON is so great, in instances were flocculants are used solely to remove particles from the water, they will no longer be required. This cuts down on product usage, and offers yet another cost saving.

  Can FIBALON be used in Spas or Hot Tubs?

FIBALON can be used in almost any filtration system. It can be used in place of paper cartridges in Spa, Hot Tub and Above Ground Pool filters. Some Spa cartridges can cost �50-100, so FIBALON is often much more cost effective, whilst providing superior filtration - most cartridge filters will only filter down to 10-20 microns.

  How do I dispose of FIBALON after it has been used?

FIBALON can be placed in your bin along with your normal household waste.

  What is the density of FIBALON?

The density of FIBALON is approximately 30 kg/m3.

  What size filters can FIBALON be used on?

FIBALON can be used on any size filter system up to a maximum sand capacity equivalent of 1500kg. The average private Swimming Pool filter holds 75-125kg.

  How is FIBALON installed?

FIBALON is very easy to install, it is simply used in place of regular filter sand or glass. When adding FIBALON to you filter, ensure it is filled 'loose'. If the balls are squeezed or compressed, the filtration quality is reduced.
One 350g bag is equivalent to 25kg of filter sand.